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Mission Impossible Physics

The three scenes that stands out in Mission Impossible III are 1.) Agent Ethan Hunt swinging from one building to the other in Shanghai; 2.) Running across the gap during the bridge attack scene; 3.) Humpty Dumpty.

Shanghai Skyscraper

What is Ethan's final velocity before he unlatches the cable?
Quantities: Displacement, Velocity, Time, Acceleration 
At the beginning of the jump Ethan was at rest for the Y direction, so his initial velocity is 0 m/s. I would assume this is a free fall scene, so the acceleration is -9.8 m/s^2. Before they did the stunt, they gave the distance between the building that is 47.55m. The time I would have used the the time from the start to the finish of the swing in the movie that is 26s.

Bridge Attack

How far did Agent Hunt jump across the gap on bridge?
Quantities: Time, Final and Initial Velocity, Initial Distance
I looked up how fast Agent Hunt's (Tom Cruise) top running speed and it was 7.6m/s. That would be the initial velocity, and his final …

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