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Contact - Twin Paradox

The portrayal of the "Twin Paradox" at the end of the movie is wrong, because it is shown reversed. In the movie Dr. Arroway's time seem to be the proper time in this situation. Meaning that her time is speed up in the capsule compare to the people on Earth in the viewer's perspective. It looks like she has never left Earth even though she has spent 18 hours traveling to Vega and back under a second. In Einstein's theory that is mention earlier in the movie by Palmer Joss, that her time is much slower because she is the one moving at the speed of light while people on Earth age faster due to different reference frames. That is how it suppose to go near the end of the movie but it didn't.

If I revised this movie script I would have kept the same amount time for Dr. Arroway travels to Vega which is 18 hours. Then I would make the time on Earth have at least a couple of years have past while the scientist is away for this "Twin Paradox" to work. When s…

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